Software Engineering in MTI UGM (My First Class !!)

26 09 2008

Today (22 Sept 2008), i attend a class which is conducted by Mr Ir. Rudy Hartanto, M.T. He taught Software Engineering (SE). The code of this course is MTI 611.

What is the difference between SE course in Post Graduate with the one in Under Graduate Program ? Well, due this is my first class in my Post Graduate Program, i can’t provide you with satisfied answer 😦

But, let us take a glance at this course syllabus :

  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Process Models / Software life Cycle
  • Software Requirements
  • Requirements Engineering
  • System Modeling
  • Design Engineering
  • Agile Engineering + Project Presentation I
  • Mid term Exam
  • Software Engineering Practice I (Architectural Design and Component-Level Design)
  • Applying Web Engineering
  • Software Testing Strategies & Techniques
  • Product Metrics for Software
  • Project Management Concepts
  • Risk & Quality Management +  Project Presentation I

Based on the syllabus above, SE course in UGM Post Graduate Program is broader (in Under Graduate Program, we will never meet web engineering inside SE course !!!) and deeper (yes, after lebaran, i will study Product Metrics till Risk and Quality Management) than SE in Under Graduate Program.

Well, later on i will tell you all about each of the course material above. Now, i must attend my first class  in Human Computer Interface Interaction course. Bye bye …

Kemas Rahmat Saleh Wiharja, ST





8 responses

26 09 2008
Wirawan Winarto

Good luck for your study!

um… I think the correct name of the class is Human-Computer Interaction, not Interface. :mrgreen:

Happy Eid.
*aneh… kami mulai libur kok Pak Kemas mulai kuliah?*

9 10 2008

Opo kuwi ga’dong babar blas.:D
Oh ya pak, da materi network ga’?? Minta dong, hehehe

10 10 2008

@wirawan : thanks for the correction …
@suryo : network ??? hehehe network baru kudapatkan di caturwulan 2 atau 3. Sekarang aq masih di caturwulan 1. Nantilah tak kabarin klo ada materi2 unik ttg network di UGM …

12 10 2008
Tora Fahrudin

Semangat mas kemas … ayo kuliah kuliah .. ^_^ tar bagi” ilmunya ya kalo dah balik ke pertapaan di bandung 😀

15 01 2009

MTI Gama ga ad yg di jkt ya mas

17 01 2009

sayang sekali tidak ada mas harr51 .

6 09 2009

goOd bye Mti………. maybe later I`ll study in oother county..

6 09 2009

goOd bye Mti………. maybe later I`ll study in odther country.

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