Human Computer Interaction for Postgraduate (1st meeting)

10 10 2008

At first, i was surprised when i know that i will study Human Computer Interaction (HCI) in my Post Graduate class. Well, along this time, i think that Human Computer Interaction are only teached for the under graduate. So, i am very enthusias to join the class.

Dr. Ir. Eko Nugroho, Msi. That’s the name of our HCI lecturer. He taught that there are three phase of Computer Development:

1. Computer as computing device.

2. Computer as a mean for processing data.

3. Computer as a mean for searching information.

When people use computer as merely computing device, we (as the user) don’t interact with the computer.

But, as the time goes on, human need computer for processing data (mainly business data). The interaction between human and computer was focused on functional / transactional needs. That’s why the most well known computer company in this era is IBM (International Business Machine).

Nowadays, people use computer as an answering machine for all information that people need to know. The interaction between human and computer become more user oriented. That’s why Microsoft  and google become so popular.

Dr. Ir. Eko Nugroho, Msi is a doctor in psychology (but he knows informatics very well when he took his bachelor). If i look at the course syllabus that he is offering, he is very emphasize us (his pupils) to learn more about cognitive psychology. And guess what ?? many aspects of cognitive psychology are underlying concepts for many dialog styles that we meet when we interact with the computer.

From all explanation above, i could draw some conclusions, such as:

1. in the first era, there is no interaction between human and computer.

2. the interaction model between human and computer in the second era is different with the third era.

3. it is very important for me as an informatics lecturer to understand what are the underlying concepts that form Human Computer Interaction.

Best Regards,

Kemas Rahmat SW (written in 09 October 2008)




2 responses

1 12 2008
heru tri

wah yang ngajar HCI sekarang MR Eko ya…. enak tuh.
Kalo dulu yg ngajar pak Rudy. Agk boring .. he he he
btw salam kenal pak….

5 12 2008

salam kenal pak heru .. saya sudah mengunjungi situs bapak yang di mti …

Kalau boleh website bapak saya tarok di blogroll saya ya …


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