Beasiswa Thai-German Graduate School of Engineering

6 03 2009

Dear all students in Indonesia,

We are planning to have scholarship students from neighbouring countries from Thailand for next semester. The scholarship will cover 1 year tuition fee, living cost in Bangkok (course works) and 1 year in Germany (internship & master thesis).

The program master degree in Software Systems Engineering (SSE) is a 2 year program, with the 1. year course-work in Bangkok, lectured by PhD level and above, including professors (2-4 per semester ) coming from RWTH Aachen, the best engineering campus in Germany.

The 2nd year is internship (18 weeks minimum) and master thesis (6 month) in Aachen.

Course Works :

1st semester :

Efficient Algorithms (by Prof. Rossmanith, Aachen) 3 hours

Software Engineering (by Prof. Lichter, Aachen) 3 hours

Practical Computer Science Elective: Data Com. & Internet Technology : 3 hours by Prof. Spaniol, Aachen

Software Systems Engineering Elective : Advanced Man Machine Interface : 3 hours by Prof. Krais, Aachen

Advanced Database System (could be exchanged as practical computer science elective) (3 hours)

Software Lab 1 (1 hour)

2nd semester :

Software Architecture by NN, probably from Aachen : 3 hours

Software Systems Engineering Elective : Embedded System : by Prof. Kowalewski, Aachen (3 hours)

Computer Graphics (if not Advanced Database System in 1st semester) by NN, possibly from Aachen : 3 hours

Theoretical Computer Science Elective : Compilers for Scientific Computing : by Prof. Naumann, Aachen (3 hours)

Software Lab 2 (1 hour)

We would be happy to have applications from you as well.

Attached is information about the SSE focus and the professors involved.


With best regards,

Dr. Toni Anwar (e-mail :,
Coordinator Software Systems Engineering

TGGS, Thai-German Graduate School of Engineering

Bangkok, Thailand

Tel. +66-849400891




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13 02 2010
abrar haris

ass, halo mas bagindo, saya haris, boleh dapat nama fb mas gak, saya ingin berkomunikasi lebih lanjut dengan ams perihal beasiswa stuned, terima kasih banyak ya ams. kalo saya sendiri fb nya= harisabang

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